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Global Green is a fun cell shaded arcade game for pc. I created it together with Vincent Van den Heede, Maya Goedert and Sam Verschraegen.


The game is about a company named Global Green that saves areas around the world that have serious problems such as a shortage of water, food, medical care, ... Your task is to fly around with an airplane, dropping packages with help for those areas. The closer you drop the package to the center of the area, the more points you earn, at least if it's the right one. There are many things in the game, such as score multipliers, combos, obstacles, upgrades and a two player co-op mode that make the game a lot of fun.


I was responsible for the programming of the gameplay, render pipeline, shaders and the HUD. I also designed the 2D menus and HUD.


Tools used: XNA Game Studio 4 (C#), Visual Studio 2010, 3DSMax, Photoshop


With Global Green, we also participated in the Imagine Cup 2011 contest from Microsoft. We made it to the top 5 and were able to go to the worldwide finals in New York!


The latest version of the game and the editor can be downloaded here (MediaFire).










copyright © 2012 Wannes Vanderstappen